What the fuck is Booble?

You know you hear all this shit lately about Booble this, Booble that, Tera Patrick going to donate any winnings from Booble to Charity.  Blah blah blah.  A mother doesn’t go by that XBIZ or AVN isn’t posting about Booble and some months you have to hear about it more than once.

So I decided to check out what Booble is. First thing I noticed is that it is a search engine.  Oh I get it now, it’s meant to be like Google with boobies.  HA. Ha.

Okay, I like the idea so far.  I mean the Google lawyers will probably pounce all over their asses for trademark violations if they ever get to big but whatever, that’s for lawyers to figure out.

What I noticed more than anything about their website is how many ads there are.  Damn, that’s a lot of ads.  I noticed on the front page alone, 8 actual ads and 12 text link type ads.  Then I realized oh wait, their movie of the week which goes up and down half the front page is also an ad.  Holy shit these guys are tacky about ad placement but what the fuck ever.

So I take a look at their Booble girl of the month.  I search for Tera Patrick and you know what I get? Two paid listings, one of her official site and the other is for pornstar.com.  Hey at least they are actually about Tera Patrick so that’s at least something.

Next I searched for Hanna Hilton.  She was their Booble girl for last month.  I get 12 listings.  HOLY SHIT 12!! Nice!  Oh wait … one of the 12 listings actually have anything to do with Hanna Hilton.  But hey, I did get four more ads to look at, on top of the 12 paid listings – which had nothing to do with Hanna Hilton.

So let me get this straight.  They are and I quote …

Booble: the best adult porn search engine and sex search directory online

Yet they have no listings for Hanna Hilton, the newest Vivid girl, who might I add THEY selected as their gilr of the month.  You are telling me they couldn’t have bothered to at least go add in some Hanna Hilton relevant results with the dumb fuckers picked her as their girl of the month?  Look at the image below and tell me what the fuck they have to do with Hanna Hilton?

Booble is such a great idea and gets a lot of press coverage so it’s to bad these stupid fuckers can’t seem to get it right.  PEOPLE USE A SEARCH ENGINE FOR RELEVANT RESULTS DUMB ASSES, not to view your stupid fucking ads.

Now here is where the story gets interesting.  Tera Patrick decided she would give away her $5,000 prize money if she was elected as the Booble Girl of the Year.  She named some charity and all the regular news sources ran with it.  Sources said that until this publicity stunt Tera Patrick with in 2nd or 3rd place.  Booble placed Tera Patrick on the front page in conjunction with all the industry news sources disucssing it and Tera Patrick moved up to the #1 spot.

Then we hear from another person in the running and her name is Vicky Vette.  Here is how the whole thing went down (from Vicky Vette’s blog)


I post this open letter to document what is happening. Earlier today, with your help, I began to pull away slowly but surely in votes in the Booble competition. I ran errands this afternoon for a couple of hours. On my return, I was faced with the ‘big news’ – TP on the front page of the industry press! Votes for charity! Here is some of the press….


Since the porn press could not hold back this ‘crucial news’ for me, I am issuing the following open letter to the porn industry on the internet, the way I do these days…… bear with it, it is longwinded….. but it speaks my mind. More in the next blog.

“I, Vicky Vette release the following statement regarding Tera Patrick’s charity pledge. I challenge ‘journalists’ to print it unedited since I will be putting it up in all the places I frequent in the new real world of adult – the internet. It is going to get read anyway. I know how to get the word out even if you don’t print it.

I preface this statement by saying that charity is a very important part of life. Doing charity is good for the heart and good for the soul. If the porn industry ever wanted to get behind my charity work, they could have taken the time to ask me about it before splashing the pages of the industry magazines with Tera’s charity pledge without even giving me a chance to respond. I’ve been doing it for years. I am booked for the AIDS Walk again in Atlanta October 19, 2008 and I could use the press help for the charity’s sake, not to win Booble. Charity work should be done for the right reasons – not just for press.

I believe in actions, not press releases seeking votes when you are in 2nd place with 3 days to go in a competition. Funny how she never mentioned her intentions while she was in the lead? So we have a Tera Patrick/Booble press release with a ‘every vote is a vote for charity’ message. I ask the porn press who all have my telephone number (which has not changed in 5 years) the following questions:

1. Why did the porn press not ask why the charity in question is promoting a card playing event that is over one year old and the ticket page http://www.babefoundation.com/ticketstopokertourney.html directs you to a dead end? If the charity doesn’t have the funds to update their website, and needs help, maybe we should all get involved?

2. What happened to my press release I sent you over a week ago about being in Booble?

3. What happened to my press release about Nina Hartley joining forces with me with her website NinaHartley.com that you got yesterday?

4. Why was I not given the courtesy of an emailed copy of the ‘charity for votes press release’ while it was being prepared?

5. Why did AVN and XBiz, publications I have done stories with before, done interviews for, and always tried to help out, run with a story while I was out for an afternoon doing errands? Quote: “Vicky Vette was not available for comment?” Au Contraire! I have nothing but comments! The press release was posted on xbiz and the once-weekly email sent to the subscribers only hours after they sent me the perfunctory email. I wonder when it was actually thought of and drafted? Not available for comments! What a joke – call me – I’ll give you comments! Gee now there won’t be another newsletter email until after the contest is over. Coincidence?

6. Why not run with a story for the benefit of Nina Hartley a true veteran and staunch supporter of the industry and freedom of speech –who is a legend in her own time?

WHY is the question – my answer you will not like. Perhaps getting press for the sake of press – press because second is not good enough.

This competition is not about Tera Patrick, who is incredibly beautiful by the way. Her boobs are awesome and deserve votes. Some in the porn industry just said to me on Monday that it was incredible I was making a resurgence and that he thought I retired from the world of porn. Incredible. Nothing could be further from the truth and I have news for the world of porn. I flourished ‘under the radar’ and did things some stars don’t seem to like to do – get my hands ‘dirty’ interacting with the fans. For two years I spent time on the internet and learning it. I may not have the global fan base of Tera Patrick by virtue of the reach of DVD sales in general, but I developed ‘the people’s vote’. I stopped doing ‘box cover movies’ to be a trendsetter in the business. It does not take rocket science to see that DVD sales and store sales of DVD’s are way down. People are going in droves to buy their adult content online and they are interacting in ways that the industry never anticipated and frankly do not like. The first thing today’s “stars” do is hire a publicist/assistant to deal with all that ‘horrible’ mail in their inbox.

Want to know what a Vicky Vette day looks like? Opening email, going through Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo, and social networks, talking to the people who write, and above all else being interactive with as many people as possible – yes grunting it out. Just compare my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/vickyvette to Tera’s myspace page. See all the comments from the folks on the page? I may not have as many ‘fans’, but I have cultivated ‘friends’. Welcome to social networking in the 21st century porn industry – you don’t like it, but it is here. Ask the fans on Facebook who have had instant message chats with Vicky Vette at 1.00 in the morning…. I chat, I interact, I do my best to respond, and I do it daily and weekly. I am not ‘above’ doing camshows weekly, week in week out. For what is is worth I may be one of the first ‘major’ (whatever that means) pornstars to jump the DVD Titanic ship and interact with fans to this extent. The porn industry is fooling itself if it thinks it can keep packaging up pornstars and throwing them on boxcovers. Fans expect more and they should get more. We are not ‘stars’ – we are lucky to have people buying porn with all the free porn being given away.

So who has been voting for me? Who has been texting their friends http://www.vote4vette.com (my booble vote link) all over the world? It is the fans I speak to and who have been speaking to on a daily basis, the person in Switzerland who instant messages me out of the blue, or the fan in Denmark who send me a note on Myspace saying ‘I don’t expect a response but….’ Don’t believe that the internet is working for me? Take a look at the hits on my website….. my site is now going to pass Tera Patrick’s site for popularity – not bragging, just a fact. While the porn world was sleeping I was imming, texting, messaging, and bulletining my fans all over the world, one by one, vote by vote. Those are the people who are voting, those are the very people who buy the dvd’s that you have been ignoring, those are the people going to the free sites you despise, and the people who are now going in droves to download rather than hang out at the local DVD store.

If you vote for Tera because of her pledge to charity… then so be it. I expected to lose when this started and I expected the all powerful adult press to give the adult superstar a leg up if she needed it. Second would still be awesome. Win or lose, I will be doing what it did before the contest started – hanging with the fans, running my sites, concentrating on the future of adult, and promoting all over the internet, me, and my boobles and one click at a time.

See you all at the AID’s walk guys – hope you have the balls to print this word for word. Vicky”

In the end Booble selected Vicky Vette as the winner.

In a Labor Day Battle Royale of the Boobs, MILF extraordinaire Vicky Vette edged out super-babe and porn superstar Tera Patrick to win the coveted crown of Booble Girl of the Year!

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