Nina Mercedez Likes Comics

Nina Mercedez blogs about how she likes comic books. I must say this surprises me very much. Not that she likes Vampirella, Conan nd Wonder Woman but that she reads them at all and apparently she’s been reading them for years and even more impressive is that she attends Comic-con, Wizard shows and Star Wars conventions.

Nina Mercedez blogs : So I a lot of people for some reason I just started reading comics and actually have been reading comic books for years. I started reading Shi, Vampirella, and Conan. I love Blade, Wonder woman when she can decide what she is doing and Wolverine but I couldn’t get into Origins. Now I read what ever looks good and I don’t get hooked I because I hate waiting for the next issue. I also love Marvel Zombies and Evil Dead. I think the most exciting comic I read in a while was Blade when he fights Wolverine I was calling everyone telling them how bad ass it was. Now I am reading Batman and the Watchmen but I just wanted to let you know I have been reading comics for years now. My friend James usually takes me to all the Comic-Cons, Wizard shows, Star-wars conventions and other Comic Book trade shows around the LA area.
Nina Mercedez

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