The director formely known as Michael Ninn … WTF?

The artist director formerly known as Prince Michael Ninn has left the building renounced his association with Ninn Worx_SR, which is owned by Spearmint Rhino. Yes, yes that company who owns those tittie bars. They also do distribution for a few other movie companies including Woodman Entertainment, Supercore, Jazmin Media and Moire Candy.

Here’s how the story goes, well as far as we know … there was once an artist by the name of Michael Ninn who had a vision for artistic porno movies. He had sort of a dark, creepy side but still his shit was good, really good.

AVN had this to say about the artist formerly known as Prince Michael Ninn. Michael Ninn is renowned for his unique artistic style, as per example with the adult film, Neo Pornographia, which depicts an extreme gonzo approach within a dark atmosphere and setting.

On July 26, 2007 it was announced that Spearmint Rhino “merged” the fledgling Ninn Worx, to form Ninn Worx_SR. And we do use the word merge very loosely. They use the word merge but it seems now it was more of a buyout. It seemed from the start the Spearmint Rhino people sort of took over and it wouldn’t be long before Ninn Worx_SR became Nin Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino company … so ya, merge my ass.

A few months wouldn’t go by before the problems started to show. Most importantly a man from the “outside” of the adult film industry started running a studio with world class “contract” girls and he didn’t show them the respect they deserved. Rumors were he treated them like dime store hookers and expected them to fall in line like the low class strippers he hired at his nightclubs.

However he would soon find out that Porn Stars are not hookers or strippers and if you treat them like that they leave. He would go on to say (as discussed in my article from April of 2008) that that stars of the movie were not as much a priority as the music and lighting. WTF IS HE SMOKING? Who the fuck cares if the lighting is right if the porn stars are not in there. What a stupid fucker this guy is. Anyway, eventually all but one of his contract stars would leave. Most of them saying that he required them to work every week in one of his strip clubs and they were porn stars, they didn’t sign a contract to be a contract STRIPPER.

Then we have the name change. It seems that the name Ninn Worx_SR wasn’t enough for him. He felt his newly acquired adult film company wasn’t doing enough to promote the Spearmint Rhino name and decided that Ninn Worx_SR must from now on be called Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino company.

Then we come to the departure of Michael Ninn from what is left of Ninn Worx_SR a Spearmint Rhino company. In closing he the artist director formerly known as Prince Michael Ninn, now using the name IMNINN has this to say to Adult FYI about it all ….

There comes a time in most people’s life when you must make this choice; to put the better good above ones self, that wealth is not as important as well being and doing the right thing makes you a better person in spite of the out come.

I say to you today, I stand on the outside of Ninn Worx_SR along with my contract stars and my crew, knowing that I no longer have to live with the lie that the check is in the mail or that the corporate committee will get back to you, as soon as they have reviewed your invoice and have reached a decision on paying you.

I feel this is not an end at all, but just the beginning. I enter the next phase of the Ninn Worx_SR relationship with a positive attitude and a firm belief in our legal system and welcome the challenges ahead.

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