Someone at Vivid Fucked up big time!

We all know that the economy sucks right now. That’s no big surprise to anyone but what we didn’t know is that Vivid is being hit pretty hard it seems as well by these economic down turns.

First we have some Vivid Cash webmasters who have at least for the last few months been getting paid later and later and webmasters not being paid is never a good thing but add to that the fact that their two main points of contact aren’t responding to emails nor are they even bothering to log in to ICQ in the past week, their only real form of contact with their webmasters as they don’t provide a means to call them. Add to this pile that they haven’t really updated their free hosted galleries in how long now? Now throw in something really good and that is the domain name no longer exists. It seems someone forgot to renew it.

What really is going on over at the Vivid offices? Is this a financial problem with Vivid or a major fuck up by the people running Vivid Cash? What we do know is that recently unveiled a new website. It is actually pretty damn good looking.

We also know that the one of the people listed on the Vivid Cash website for customer service, Chen has not responded to any emails or logged on to ICQ in at least two months, while the other guy has just been MIA about a week. And if all of that isn’t enough, my own personal sales took a 16% drop this last pay period. It could be anything that caused it but my sales have always been pretty stable for Vivid so it does make me a tad suspicious when I see such a major drop. Then we have some empty promises. How long has it been that Vivid Cash has been promising the Shop Vivid program to their Vivid Cash webmasters? What’s it been, like 2004? A Vivid Cash rep once told me in 2006 that they made a deal with Effex Media to provide adult video stores to the Vivid webmasters and that despite all the previous delays it would launch in a few month which would have been about April of that year. By October it still wasn’t ready to launch and a different Vivid rep said they aren’t sure what the problem Effex Media is having but that they do consider it a priority and it should be ready to launch by the end of that year. The end of that year has come and gone and still no video store.

While it is true I can just go to any of the major retailer websites such and setup my own video store account, but it’s just one more thing I have to keep track of. Beyond that it’s an additional source of revenue that Vivid is missing out on by now allowing their webmasters to sell their DVDs through the Vivid Cash program. Why the fuck would Vivid not want to make more money? That just doesn’t add up.

I’m very confused by this and even more confused as to why it would not make sense for Vivid to allow Vivid webmasters to sell Vivid DVDs through their Vivid Cash program by now. It just sounds like to me that someone is just a lazy fuck.

I tried to contact the people from Vivid Cash but as you might have expected I can’t exactly do that since their email is down to their expired domain name and they don’t bother to log on to ICQ. I did however call the Vivid offices directly who said they didn’t know what I was talking about but did refer me to call the Vivid Cash offices directly (the company who runs Vivid cash for them) and well when I called them at nearly noon on a Monday “none of the people from the Vivid Cash account were in the office at this time”. Are you fucking kidding me? It’s fucking almost noon on a Monday you lazy fucks can’t bother to show your ass up in the office? GET TO WORK ALREADY! No wonder everything is going to shit over there.

Update: Since this post I should point out that Mike C. has addressed the domain name issue and states the name has now been renewed and it should be up shortly however that was about 4 and a half hours ago and the site is still down at this time and instead of owning up to this major fuck up they are going to go with the pass the buck story. Nice, real fucking nice.

Vivid Cash

Another update: Some 7 1/2 hours after the Vivid Cash website is said to be back up here is what we have ………..

2 thoughts on “Someone at Vivid Fucked up big time!

  1. Any serious webmasters looking for a legit explanation to all of this and the affiliate behind this smear, please feel free to hit me up at ICQ: 174-223-946

    Legit webmasters know that this is bullshit. Nice try though.

    -Mike C.

  2. You idiot. It’s not a smear campaign when someone posts the truth. To “smear” someone it would imply someone was posting false information but that is clearly not the fucking case here dude. Everything I posted is clearly documented.

    It is a fact that you did not renew the Vivid Cash domain. You are going to try and say now that isn’t the fucking case?

    And it is a fact that my check was late. Although it did arrive the day after I posted this or maybe two days but it was still late at the time I wrote this article and most of my checks for the last few months have been late as well. You going to try and bullshit around and say our checks aren’t ever late? Or are ya gonna pass the buck on this one too and blame it on some 3rd party accounting firm? You post one date on your website as when you mail our checks, then we get them two weeks later. There is no excuse for that bullshit. The mail doesn’t take two fucking weeks you dip wad.

    In the end what it comes down to is that you fucked up and someone called you out on it. You tried to pass the buck and that made you look like even more of an ass.

    Say what you want and try and insult those who tell the truth by saying we are legit webmasters but we don’t have to confirm to your bullshit to be legit.

    I’m as real as it gets and I’m calling you out on being an ass who can’t own up to his mistake.

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