Sin City Changes Domain Name

I was looking for a movie trailer for a Sin City movie when I went to click a the link where it should have been and got a strange response … PAGE NOT FOUND. For those who don’t know, Sin City is home of such titles as Ass Fucked 3, Mother Fuckers, MexiCunts, and Barely 18 #39.

I searched AVN and found no news of their website being down. I searched three other adult news website and nothing. I couldn’t figure it out. How could the website of a well known adult film company be completely gone and nobody had noticed? Could Sin City had gone under? Well it turns out Sin City has not gone out of business, they have just changed their web address to Sin City films and sold off their domain name for what rumor has “some big bucks”. The domain name is one the company has had for years and used, just they also used the much more popular as well. That is until now. So for those of you looking for Sin City, you can find them at, no longer at

The new website address for Sin City is now

Sin City films

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