Eva Angelina Pregnant?

I was looking through those photos over at AVN for the FAME awards and something stood out to me and that was that every single porn star was half naked, except for Eva Angelina. Unlike the other girls in short dresses and stomach exposing outfits, Eva Angelina was in jeans and a very baggy shirt. The outfit was cute, don’t get me wrong here, I’m just saying it really stood out as unusual. Well apparently it wasn’t all that unusual after all. At least not when I got my hands on a little email that said these very shocking words ….

Eva Angelina is definitely pregnant. I overheard her telling someone about it at the Erotica LA show.

Although unexpected I’m most sure you will all join me in wishing her the best in the upcoming months and to a quick recovering so that she can get back to work. We have no news at this time who the father may be, nor could Eva Angelina be reached for comment.

Eva Angelina Pregnant

Photo source: AVN

2 thoughts on “Eva Angelina Pregnant?

  1. Careful now, she might just be putting on a few pounds in between shoots.
    Then again, if she is pregnant: congradulations Eva!


  2. Isn’t she married to Danny Mountain aka Daniel Mountain aka Danny Boy? If so it’s probably his kid, no?

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