Nikki Jayne is Newest Vivid Girl


Nikki Jayne

Vivid Entertainment has signed Nikki Jayne, a statuesque 22-year-old blonde English lass as the newest Vivid Girl working exclusively with the world’s leading adult film studio.

Born in Manchester, England, Nikki attended high school and college in the historic town of Wigan and there she formed a bubbly, outgoing personality that led her to pursue studies in the performing arts.

While holding down her first job out of school in advertising sales for a local newspaper, the 5’10” blue-eyed beauty also competed in kickboxing matches and was a part time model. But she always felt it was almost inevitable that she would become a performer, and she was drawn to adult entertainment.

“I come from a very open-minded family and they’ve always been supportive of my decisions,” Nikki says. “My aunt was a stripper and she probably inspired me because I always wanted to do something where I showed off my body. I’m probably a classic Gemini with both naughty and nice sides.”

Nikki was modeling evening gowns in the UK when she was discovered by an agent. She performed in just one adult movie when she was introduced to Vivid executives. “The first adult movie I ever saw was Vivid’s ‘Last Girl Standing‘ and I was very impressed by the actresses,” says Nikki Jayne. “I realize what a lucky break it is for me to become a Vivid Girl.”

In addition to her acting career, Nikki’ Jaynes passions include traveling and spiritual pursuits such as astrology, numerology and tarot card reading – which, she says, has confirmed that she has lots of sexual and erotic energy. She has recently visited Brazil, Thailand, Africa and India and looks forward to seeing more of the U.S.

Nikki Jayne says she is attracted to men who have “some sparkle and who are capable of lighting up a room when they walk in.” She’s taller than many of the men she dates, but she says that “really doesn’t matter as we’re both the same height when we’re in bed.”

Production for Nikki Jayne’s first feature movie for Vivid will start at the end of June and will be directed by B. Skow. It is expected to be available for purchase sometime near the end of the year of early 2009.

Nikki Jayne

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