Sunny Leone comes home

Sunny Leone seems to be home from her trip to Oman, where she was working on the mainstream movie Pirates Blood, where she spent at least a few weeks on the set and seems to have “really enjoyed the experience”. However when she got home, she seems to have wasted no time getting back to work as a porn star. I guess she didn’t let the whole I got to work on a major movie, blind her like some starlets we know.

Sunny Leone

Although there is no official word on what movie she is about to start filming for Vivid this upcoming week, rumor has it that she will be performing in another movie with Matt Erickson. Although this next movie she is filming for Vivid is not expected to be a direct sequel, the chemistry of Sunny Leone and Matt Erickson from Sunny Loves Matt can pretty much guarantee those two will be paired off several times in the future.


Sunny Leone also released a new version of her Myspace page, added some new photos and some updates to her personal website since her return from India. Sunny Leone is one focused bitch. Some would say, despite all her mainstream success she seems to be more focused on her porno career than ever.

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