Sky Lopez Knocked Up and Locked Up

Sky Springbreak Lopez

Sky Lopez posts on her myspace page ….

What’s up all… this is T.J. from 777 Church sittin in for Sky Lopez . Just to let you know, sky had a bit of a melt down a couple weeks ago. She’s 3 months pregnant and going through a lot of emotions. She got into an unintentional altercation with someone and got arrested.


Right now she’s in Riverside waiting to be transferred up north. The individual she got arrested over is not pressing charges, but the D. A. is trying to make something out of it. To all of her real friends, this is an opportunity to offer up your love and support by praying and being available if needs arise.

I am in contact with her and will keep you informed on her status.

Peace, Pastor T.j. 777 Church

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