MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!! Are you next?

And so the shit has hit the fan ….. well, almost. But if nothing else it can be the start of some very serious changes for the Internet and if you think this doesn’t effect you, you’re an idiot.


For many years we have enjoyed amazing freedoms with all that we do on the Internet. Almost all adult webmasters and pornographers shared the common thought that it couldn’t happen to them. And it’s true. For the most part, people left us alone. Unless a website had something like young girls, animals or simulated rape, we pretty much didn’t think anyone could touch us.


That couldn’t be further from the truth and John Stagliano found that out the hard way as he now faces up to 31 years of hard time and two of his companies each face a fine of up to $500,000.


I knew the name Evil Angel productions but I couldn’t think of any of their movies off the top of my head so I went digging and found some of their titles were Slutty & Sluttier 6, House of She-Males, Throat Fucks, Cock Pigs, My Evil Sluts, Anal Expedition, Teen Cum Squad, Rocco’s Obsession with Teen Supersluts, Ass Destroyers, Tamed Teens, Teens Corrupted and many, many more that just based on the title and box cover alone half the country would probably convict.


The movies named in the indictment are “Milk Nymphos” directed by Jay Sin, “Storm Squirters 2” directed by Joey Silvera and a trailer from Belladonna’s “Fetish Fanatic 5.”

Here are two box covers from adult movies. To the left we have a box cover from the Evil Angel movie called Gape Lovers 2 and to the right we have a Vivid movie starring Tia Bella called 2nd Coming. Just take a big guess which a jury might find obscene?



Evil Angel’s Gape Lovers 2 Tia Bella in 2nd Coming



For so many years we’ve gotten away with almost anything, we seem to have forgotten what we really could and couldn’t do without getting into trouble. We seem to think that’s it is perfectly fine to show a picture of one girl taking a piss on another girl , because for years nobody has gotten busted for it. That time has come and Evil Angel is the company taking the hit for it. Even more scary is the fact that one of the charges stems from his display of a movie trailer. A smart lawyer might later argue or relate this charge to those “free hosted galleries” so in reality, this opens up a whole can of worms that touches the lives of tens of thousands of people out there making their living peddling pussy, from the smallest site to the biggest.

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