Mia Rose Writes on MySpace: Its been a long time coming, and I am going to be brief, cause not too much needs to be said.


Hey dick head, in the Porsche, Mercedes, Saab, and you too comb over ass fucker in the Ferrari….. LEARN HOW TO FUCKING DRIVE. Trust me, your car IS NOT GOING TO GET YOU PUSSY IF YOU CONTINUE TO DRIVE LIKE A PUSSY. Leaving your blinker on for 3 fucking miles? Not being capable of staying in your lane. “yes, we share the road, weird right?” Too busy looking over at me passing you cause your going 40 mph on the fucking fwy you almost crash your baby into a wall. Speeding up to pass me when I’m going 80, just to pull in front of me and slow down?… I pity you and your sad driving “skillz”


So, go get back to your bumper cars if you are going to continue to drive like handicapped, half retarded blind bats.


You may be in California, but it doesn’t mean you shit sunshine… god forbid it rains…. Don’t get me started!


OH!! And one more thing…. TO THE OFF DUTY COP WHO CUT ME OFF WHEN I WAS TRYING TO EXIT….. And then you flash your badge at me like its going to make me change my mind on how big of a dick head driver you are?


Its a badge, its not a license to be a asshole / cunt. (( I actually LOVE the word cunt, so I take it back, cunt is good, and that is what you are NOT))


I will treat you with respect on the road and promise to never put you in harms way, so do me a big fucking favor, and do the same.


If not, fine, I’ll keep an eye out for you and your car at the tow yard. GAH


PS. this guy Manny has been keepin my shit clean for almost two years, If your in Los Angeles / hollywood, and like ur shit crisp. Call him and tell him you know me. “My god, I sound like an AD”


Fayner Adds: Well oh my gosh I don’t know what to say here. Has Mia gone off the deep end or what?!

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