Fayner Posts: Some of you may know about performer Tommy Gunn stepping in to the talent agency racket recently with Gunn Models. And in a porno world where agencies pop up faster than Jeremy Steele to a $50 Bukkake shoot, one must wonder if the likable Gunn can actually climb above the bottom-feeding crowd to achieve greatness as a top-notch agent to the people who shed their clothes and fornicate for money.

Only time will tell I guess.

But here are a few reasons I believe Tommy Gunn can become the next top modeling agency. You make up your mind from there.

I believe these points I am about to make grant TG and his Gunn Models a place not only in our hearts but in the history books as an amazing place to find work doing sexual things your mother would not enjoy knowing about.

1) Tommy Gunn’s body is just so wonderfully sculpted, it is as if the Gods themselves created TG from the remains of great warriors and lovers from the past.

2) Tommy could just be the most likable guy in the whole business. Always smiling, always flexing his muscles and always wearing a tank top; the three most important characteristics of a great man.

3) I’ve never noticed any horrific odors coming from him when I run in to him at industry events. This is important in both agent and talent.

4) TG spends an hour each morning looking into the mirror while telling himself how special he is, how awesome his chest looks while oiled up and how perfectly still his hair is no matter how many times he tries messing it up.


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