Fayner Posts: So with all the hoopla surrounding Eva these days, and the fact that I finally met her on New Years and thought she was really cool (I even met her new husband, some English bloke) I decided to see for myself why everyone is making such a fuss about the young, heavy-chested chick from Orange County.

So I got my hands a stack full of her movies (I tried to get Jonni Darkko’s latest starring Eva but couldn’t due to me not being that important anymore in the business) and began studying them. And as I watched and watched more and more of her scenes I began seeing things that really intrigued me.

In some of the scenes, Eva has her left nose pierced. In others, her right. This makes me think there may be a lookalike doing half of Eva’s scenes to help her skyrocket to the top. I think it worked. But what of this other Eva? Does she keep her locked in the basement? Or maybe she doesn’t even know about this opposite-nose-ringed chick making money off her good name? This could be true, as we all know that O.C. isn’t known for pumping out brainy chicks…

But all in all, I think Eva (and her evil twin) is an awesome performer. She does do this funny thing where when she’s getting pounded and can’t catch her breathe and then when she does she says some long thing super fast before she again loses her breathe. Picture saying something like the following in under three seconds: “Oh my god, it feels so good you’re fucking my wet pussy so fucking hard fuck me harder now oh my god fuck it harder oh harder or harder.”

Could you do it? Well Eva can. I’m sure fucking her is difficult when she does this cause it would be hard concentrating while she’s belting out porno catchphrases at breakneck speed. But you know what, I’ll give it a try if she ever so desires.

All in all, if you haven’t touched yourself to Eva yet, I suggest you atleast give it a try. She’s perky, hot and pleasing to the boner. What else can you ask for in life?

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