Fayner Posts: First off, I have to get this off my chest: Jenna Jameson looks exactly like Houston. Remember Houston? She was the one with far too much cosmetic surgery who also quit the business to do other things she never got around to ’cause too many people were scared when she left the house so she finally just stopped leaving the house. Or so I just made up…but it does seem possible, right?

Well, now Jenna has become that scary looking ex-porn chick. I know I’m scared, and I think Jenna is cool. All I know is that if I took a bunch of LSD and came across Jenna I’d think she was a monster and I’d run to the woods and probably poke out my eyes with a pointed stick.

Who amongst us even wants Jenna to spread her legs again for the camera? From what I’ve been told, her announcement to the AVN Award crowd stating this didn’t seem to bother the crowd. In fact, I’ve been told they sounded “happy…elated that Jenna would no longer be performing.”

Don’t get me wrong, Jenna is awesome and always will be awesome but apparently the years doing porn and taking drugs has fucked her up royally. I mean, look at her lately?

She looks just like Houston.

And I’m scared.

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