Natasha oh so Nice!!DCypher posts: Meet the delightfully young Natasha Nice. Here’s some fun facts about the rising star.

She is 19.

She was born in Paris France and moved to the states when she was 3 with her mother and two older sisters.

She attended a private French school where she made love to the other girls in her dorm on a regular basis. They had fun in the showers.

While she was going to Santa Monica College and living with some friends, she met Karlie Montana and got turned the fuck out.

The rest is porno history. Push them ponies Karlie. Push ‘em hard. Daddy needs twenty two’s on the whip.

Natasha has been around like 9 months so she’s definitely ready to speak for the entire industry and lecture at major universities, but for now she seems to be content just posing for erotic masters like Suze and famiglia. Keep representing. Biggie said that. I sure miss Biggie.

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