Afternoon delight!!!

DCypher posts: Judith and Sandy represent the portrait of young teen lust all bottled up and looking for a release. Brought to America by cruel men to trade for sexual favors with high-ranking politicians in an effort to push for recognition of the Armenian genocide, they’ve been locked into their hotel room twelve stories up overlooking irresistible Miami beaches with NO VIBRATORS!!!

These ladies are hungry for hard cock. They fiend for it, morning-noon-night, the way a fiend craves crack rock. Trained since birth with MK ultra secret sex code words they’ve been brainwashed into becoming pure pleasure dolls with insatiable appetites for gallons of salty sweet fuck butter.

They don’t just grow listless like spoiled American girls eager to explore their sexuality by taking on anonymous partners. They suffer unless they are fed a constant diet of rock hard cock from qualified sexperts and A list male porn stars. Why do you think they were chosen?

Hour after hour of neglect has led them to cannibalistically turn on each other, their lust and desire boiling over into a tempest of lesbian love. If they held out any longer they would shred one another to tiny pieces. Thank God their politically motivated captors left super hi tech cameras embedded in every available surface so we could witness their de-evolution into lurid animals.

Oh the humanity!

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