perfection looks like this

DCypher posts: It seems almost a shame that this stunningly beautiful, young girl is named Beatrice. Sweeter than a drooling honeycomb, this Bea is just as naturally alluring and twice as sweet to taste.

She spends most of her days reading romance novels, so guess what, you’re not getting off easy guys. Suitors better prepared to wine and dine this sultry sex siren.

She prefers expensive dinners by candle light at five star restaurants, long walks on the beach in the moonlight, love letters, custom poetry, and anything else you can do to show her she’s the center of the universe, if only for the moment.

She lives in a heady rush of emotion, swinging mercurially between giddy heights of passion down to implausible doldrums of feeling neglected and back on up again with a single sincere word. She just wants to make sure you really want her, that you’re willing to work for it.

It’s not that she hates sex, or that she’s a tease, far from it. She just wants to make sure you’re going to make it worth her time and she loves being treated like a princess.

It’s not about material things it’s about knowing she’s gotten up under your skin, that she’s cast her spell and drawn you in.

So be it.

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