Cassidey Writes on her MySpace:

Ladies and gentle men sorry but for the next 10 days my nigga Dave Navarro is back in number one slot on myspace only you promote the fact that he is single. We are never sure how long this will last but… I think he def deserves the top spot. Gongrats my friend and happy hunting!!! Also for those that do not know I recently signed with NINNWORKS-S.R. I am looking foward to shooting for the first time with him this monday for his up cumming film THE FOUR. Peeps this man is no joke he has won numorous awards for his work directing. The other girls that are also under contract are Jana Jordan, Brea Bennett, Nikki Kaine, and Rena Prez. I hope ya’ll enjoy all the hard work that is about to go into building up the great reputation for this company. As for me I will be moving back to Texas probably before the New Year. Not to worry though I will be out here working and Feature Dancing so I am not gone forever. Well I am off to my own shananagins and hope everyone who reads this is as blessed as I am and is having a great rest of their year and make the best of it cause 2007 is almost over!!!!!!

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