Catching up with Gina Lynn, she writes on MySpace!!!

Night Moves is good for the awards show and and of course meeting your fans. Its a bit to taxing for me anymore. Two many long nights that I cannot handle these days. My time is precious these days and I rather of been home. Dont get me wrong I had some really fun nights but I over did it once again. I love Paul and Tracy they are really good people but I cant see myself doing the whole event ever again. Maybe just come in for the awards if that. I did and said some things uncharacteristic of myself while I was out there. Nothing was ever meant to be malicious but somehow turned ugly during a conversation on my part. Sorry to be so vague but thats the way it has to be since the damage has already been done. I don’t regret I brought up certain things. The problem was when I didnt like the response I was given I lashed back in a nasty way. I probably should of got clocked in the face. LOL!! I would of survived I been through worse things. Glad it didnt come to that though. I just wished I would of had a better approach in a more private setting. What are you going to do shit happens!!

After Tampa we had a commercial to shoot for strip club in Ft. Myers. We drove about 2 and half hrs to get there from Tampa. We stayed at this house on the water for 2 days. It was just enough time to recoop after that long week in Tampa. I was so beat. We layed out near the pool, went to the gym and I got my nails done before the club event. Was a pretty easy night. Cute little club. Part of the video was an amateur contest that I hosted and introduced each girl. The club was filled with cute little young girls. Even that night I wasnt feeling it because I was so tired. Not the happy Gina that I usually am. We went back to the house around 2 am and got two hrs of sleep before we had to drive all the way back to Tampa to catch flights. Travis had to fly back home to Philly so he could get his kids for the weekend and I had to go feature dance in Colorodo at La Boheme. That was a great feature dance booking. Very profitable and the people at the club were so good to me. Im looking forward to going back there. After that I flew back to LA and a friend picked me up from the airport. Travis wasnt getting in to LA till monday. He was bringing Gizmo so I was so excited. He sent me video footage of her when they picked her up from NJ. She was so happy. Theres a shot from it on his myspace. Its his default picture. She looks like she has a huge smile on her face. So monday morning was the first day of my interactive.

So this video will probably be called “Thee Interactive Gina Lynn”. This will have the most options availble than any other interactive on the market. The biggest thing that stands out is the option interracial which has never been done among other things. Chris Streams is putting it out through his line for Jules Jordan Video. It was a long 6 days. We all put in many hrs just so everything was done just right. I had a line up of 5 guys a day. Crazy!! These were’t just average size guys. Chris hand picked each guy because of how well endowed they were. Each one was assigned for a certain position or pop shot. Every single pop shot is real of course. He wouldnt have it any other way. I honestly have never worked so hard on sets since I’ve been in the business. It will be well worth it when you see the finished product. Were all very excited about it. You’ll see me in so many different looks from the opening menus you’ll get to see me look like a rock chick, I’ll be in a bikini with my hair in the wet look, gorgeous lingerie, french maid, nurse, fetish, reform school girl, and hip hop chick. It was so much fun to dress up. I dont get to do that often in regular scenes. Chris is aiming to have it out in January and well be promoting it at AVN. This will be the work I will be most proud besides my production company of course. LOL!!

So I got home at 4 am on tuesday. Flight delays. A very bumpy ride to my connecting flight in Atlanta. That sucked. Didnt even phase Gizmo she just slept in her bag. I hosted a party in Cherry Hill last night. That was good time all my philly friends showed up. So I had off today and tommorow then my big Halloween weekend will be here. Remember friday night at Ultra. Travis bought me this incredible demon outfit with a hot corsett. At first I was not liking it till I got it on. Only because it looked so uncomfortable. I’ll deal with it though since it looks super hot. We’ll head up to NYC early friday. I want to do a photo shoot with Gizmo at the hotel. Travis got her a little costume dress too. We’ll also have a camera crew filming us getting ready. Saturday day well spend the day just chillin in NY. We’ll take Gizmo for a long walk. She loves the city and all those crazy odors. Saturday night well do a second party but I wont be dressing up. Just sexy!

Of course well be posting pictures next week. Wait till you see Travis’s crazy getup.

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