Fayner Posts: Y’all know how the game works, right? I don’t have to go over it with you, do I? Cool.

Okay, so TR and Alaura were at Louis Vuitton last week. TR for the most part is treated like royalty when she goes in there because of all the money she spends. But that day was different, ’cause the whole staff was paying extra attention to another shopper: Paula Abdul. TR was furious. “Fuck that! I spend more money here than that bitch!”

Anyway, that was about it for their encounter. But Keith came up with something funny, something that links the two women forever in the halls of pop culture.

Paula Abdul was married to Emilio Estevez.

Emilio Estevez fucked tranny Vanity.

Vanity shot his/her movie Trantastic at Taylor Rain’s house.

There you go. Wow. Exciting, isn’t it?

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