“I dye my cock white so not to scare the girls!”

Fayner Posts: Okay, so its not the coolest line ever. In fact, I believe it to be quite lame. But if you knew how many times the line has worked with pretty much zero effort involved on my part, you’d be using it too.

When I entered this business, the first thing I noticed was how easily manipulated some/most of the girls are/were. You could tell them anything and they’d believe it. So it began that I would tell chicks at parties/on sets/wherever that they owe me a blowjob. Simple enough, right? It is.

From there you just go about your normal life, never thinking about them until the next time you see them, at which time you again inform them that they owe you a blowjob. Sooner or later, they’ll give you a blowjob. The first girl I said it to was Cali Cox, and within a month she blew me. There are more, of course, but I’m too high right now to drag my weary balls down memory lane. So I won’t.

Yesterday, I received a call from Nadia Styles. She was about a month late in calling me back. I didn’t care.

“What are you doing tonight?” she asked.

“We’re taking the dogs out Trick or Treating and then we’re hopefully gonna go toilet paper Winston Burbank’s house! Wanna come?”

“That’s so funny!” Nadia screamed. “I saw Winston/Nate today and we were talking about you!”

“About what??”

“Well, he came up to me acting all cool and shit, and then he whispered to me that I owe him a blow job! I was like, Fuck that! That’s Fayner’s line! You can’t use that shit on me! And then he got all sad, then ran off with his tail between his legs! It was so funny!”


All I have to say to Nate/Winston is that stealing another man’s move is lame.

And for the record, folks, it took 4 years of “you owe me a blow job” to Nadia before she finally did suck my dick. Patience is a virtue.


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