Fayner Posts: Keith called me bright and early this morning, told me to call Teagan right away. I did!“I left Digital Playground,” Teagan tells me, “but not as enemies. I left on great terms with the company. Their support over the years has been wonderful, and I still consider them part of my family. I just have ideas that head into a different direction from where they’re headed as a company. I want to shoot my own product, launch my web site www.teaganraw.com and be able to build my schedule around my family.”

“My family comes before everything. The only way to make that happen is to be my own boss.”

“I hope to work with Digital again. There are no hard feelings at all.”

All I know is Teagan looks fucking amazing these days, as opposed to in the past when she just looked amazing.

Maybe more porn chicks should have children ’cause Teagan looks better than all the other babes currently selling their vaginas to the highest bidder.

Oh, and congratulations to Teagan and Tyler on their 6 month wedding anniversary! Keep it up!

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