Fayner Posts: I guess we can all rest easy in knowing that TheRealLukeFord’s primary objective in the porn business is no longer to destroy it and every girl who has passed through its doors. He made that clear the other day when he announced his immediate departure from the blogging game, only to return less than a day later as if nothing had happened.

Funny, ’cause he announced that he was selling the site, then that he had sold the site and finally just took the whole post down about it when he changed his mind.

But what caused his abrupt return?

Does he need to support the secret child he just had with Missy Monroe?

Did his car – the one he lives in and parks outside porn chick’s houses late at night – get impounded from too many tickets, and the only way to get it back is to keep writing – er, copy and pasting – stuff about porn people so that his advertising revenue (from porn companies) can be collected?

Probably not to either of these.

What we think happened is that over the years Luke has become so smitten with himself that when he “quit” and turned his back on the industry, he realized it’s the only thing that gets him noticed as reporter, man and Jew.

And it’s pretty much clear that the Jews don’t want him. I know I don’t. We are a resilient people, the Jews, and stand behind whatever we believe in. Luke, who calls himself a Jew, holds none of the convictions associated with the Hebrew faith. He is weak, owns no property, is easily phased by hatred and, in what is the worst trait ever for a Jewish person, fails to have the blood of the chosen people flowing through his veins. His announcement stated his sadness over his friends constantly questioning his faith because of what he chose as work, but any real Jew would have taken that as a challenge to move forward and defeat any obsticle. What did the faux-Jew do? He quit.

Simply, TheRealLukeFord loves himself so much that he can’t ditch the industry because without us, he is nothing. Actually, he is nothing with or without the industry, but at least with it he has some power. Men need power to refuel. It’s a fact.

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