Fayner Posts: I placed a call to Lisa Ann over at Lisa Ann’s Talent Agency. Eventually, she picked up the phone.

Lisa Ann: This is Lisa Ann.

Fayner: This is Fayner. What are you wearing?

Lisa Ann: Leopard panties, tight pants, top with boobs hanging out. What about you?

Fayner: Shirt with semen stain.

Lisa Ann: Your semen?

Fayner: Probably not.

Lisa Ann: Ew.

Fayner: Yeah, sorry.

Lisa Ann: So for what do I owe the pleasure?

Fayner: I wanted to ask you about LA Direct Models’ association with Bella Models.

Lisa Ann: No comment.

Fayner: Really?

Lisa Ann: Really. I don’t know anything.

Fayner: You know nothing about Derek’s ass being available in the VIP section either, right?

Lisa Ann: No, sorry.

Fayner: Okay, so what are you wearing?

Lisa Ann: You already asked that.

Fayner: Fine. Then which one of your girls will blow me for an interview?

Lisa Ann: Come again?

Fayner: You heard me. You know I can make any one of them into a star, right?

Lisa Ann: I bet I can get them an interview with you without them having to blow you.

Fayner: Yeah, by you blowing me.

Lisa Ann: Ooohh! I like the sound of that.

And that was it. Lisa did ask me for my private phone number so she can call me for sex on occassion, but other than that I hit a big road block on my search to find someone who knows any good dirt and is willing to talk about it. If all else fails, I can just do what TheRealLukeFord does: make up an email from some mysterious person saying whatever I want and naming whomever I wish.

It’ll be fun!

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