Hi Scott,

I just finished reading your memories of Wanker Wang,for that stuff doesn’t surprise me about him,since I once exchanged two e-mails with him,and found him to be an odd but okay dude,although the shocking accusations sound to be true,and I was wondering if that kiddie pool incident that you’re describing was from around the time when Wanker was still associated with Extreme Associates(who were proudly doing kiddie pool porn and peeing sessions around that time period with Kid Vegas),and yes I do vividly remember when Wanker was a PC geek who was very shy when he was Ex. As’ webmaster and when he was trying to pick up on this chick whose name I can’t remember(she was like Taylor Rain[except her name was Ashley something],was around 18,and she smoked a lot of pot)when they had their own separate non-Ex. As. booth/hotels at two different Vegas hotels(away from the AVN Expo[when they were banned by AVN]),and then started becoming hardcore when he was’s webmaster(after Luke left it,and before you came along and began to own the site).

And the fucking mainstream media needs to get their facts straight,for they’re heavily slamming the hell out of Brian Surewood and saying all kinds of crazy inaccurate stuff(such as changing around which car crashed into that Indian family,and which child in that family died),thanks to him being in porn(knowing how much the mainstream media hates the porn industry),even though mainstream celebrity Rebecca Gayheart had a similar accident a few years back(and accidently killed the person she ran over)but she walked with just a slap on the wrist and probation,and I now hear that Orlando Bloom got into a similar smash-up,as well(he’ll easily walk).

BTW:your stuff about Rhiannon Bray was pretty hilarious(saying she’s so ugly that your dog is better loooking than her ),for I met that chick once at a fetish party(one of the early Footnight parties)and found her to be a real freak(I got drunk and naked with her,although nothing sexual happened due to myself being way too drunk and out-of-it)and an absolute bitch(with lots of mood swings),for I wonder whatever happened to that Rhiannon chick(she seems to have completely disappeared).

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