Fayner Posts: So I’ve been sober off drugs for a while now. It’s not fun. But I still smoke weed and occasionally have a drink. Sunday I smoked resin. It’s not fun.

First off, thanks to my new Bloodhound puppy named Sara Wiggles Rib Eye, I now wake up at 7 a.m., pretty much on the dot. Sara makes sure of that by slobbering all over me until I get out of bed. There was once upon a time that I would still be out being a dumbass at 7 a.m. Those days are gone 🙁

So what do I do all day?

Coax naive porno sluts into servicing me for free?

Blow cocaine up some naive porno slut’s asshole?

Sleep off another wild weekend?


I sat on the couch with Alaura Eden watching a whole season of PROJECT: RUNWAY. Yeah, that’s right.

Around noon I said to Dez and Alaura: “A year ago we’d be just getting home from some crazy party! Now look at us! Lame!”

“Fuck that!” Dez shouted. “Maybe you were just getting home, but I was too busy talking some whore into coming home with me and Alaura!”

Whatever, I told him, we’re fucking lame.

So in case you were wondering, the gay guy didn’t win the competition. An Asian chick did.

I turned to Alaura: “Hey, you have a fashion degree! You’re Asian! You should go out for the show!”

Alaura: “We are so lame.”

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