Fayner Posts: As many of you know, when I came on board here at lukeford back in geez I don’t know 2003, Wanker Wang was a big part of this site. And while I was new and still afraid to write what I felt, there was Wanker Wang: He didn’t give a shit about anyone, he told me many times, said “everyone in this business is just bark, bark bark and no bite! Should I be afraid of Jeremy Steele for the things I’ve said about him?” Then I bought the site, in which Wanker could basically just write whenever he wanted to (ie: whenever he got drunk and some dumb whore did something stupid). Everything was fine until Wanker wrote that Tony T. was an anti Jew/anti American terrorist (the worst kind!) with plans to attack or some shit like that. Tony T. uttered the word “lawyer” to me on the phone and it was removed. Big, big pain in the ass that Wanker was.

I remember meeting him for lunch one day at Denny’s on Ventura and Winnetka and he had this barely alive, barely 18 year old skank with him and he’s yelling at her to eat and its dribbling down her face. He kept asking me if I wanted to go back to his place so she could suck me off on camera. “You want to put that chick on camera?” I asked him.

“Fuck it!” he yelled. “Let’s all get hammered and have a zesty party! Gitty up!”

He really spoke like that. Priceless, but in a retarded kind of way.

Another time he was living in this house that was right next to a preschool or afterschool thing. A tall fence seperated the two. Maybe he just shot there ’cause it didn’t look like anyone could survive living in such filth. In the backyard, his minion that fat hairy jew guy was standing in a kiddie pool getting head from some donkey show reject and Wanker wants me to pour and throw Spaghetti-Os at the minion. I said no. There was dog shit everywhere in the houe and outside. Two dogs, a rott and a pit roamed the property. I should have sensed that this moment could have been the beginning of the end for Wanker because he no longer seemed to care about putting out a decent product but only in his twisted desire to humor himself through degrading women.

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