Fayner Posts: I got this email the other day.

JimmyDean Writes In: Hey Fayner have you seen that new show Californication with david dukuvney from the x files? he is SO you! Hes a writer who is all fucked up and is in love with some chick from his past just as you are with taylor! its amazing how similar you too are. thanks for listneing.

Fayner Continues: I thought this was way over, this Fayner Loves Taylor BS. I refuse to respond.

But I watched the show, episode two. Sure, I can see the similarities: two old losers who used to write good stuff find ways to avoid having to write because they know they suck. Awesome. Thanks for bringing that up, Jimmy Dean.

Oh, and I caught a cameo by Brooke in the episoide, I had no idea she was gonna be there. But there she was, asking David’s character about her boobs and pussy lips. I thought she was pretty damn good. I would have fucked her.

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