A Fan Writes In: Iam looking for a pornstar who doesn’t mind dating regular guys and sense you happen to be the expert on pornology i thought you could help me out.

Generate AI Porn

Fayner Responds: Expert? Not quite. But I know a bunch of regular guys as well as a bunch of porn chicks, so I’m thinking I just may be able to assist you in your quest.

There is not much to it, really, despite the following:

You should either be a drug dealer who sells to porn chicks, the dude who works for the production company and holds the lube and C-light or a guy who brings in his naive girlfriend into the business. If you aren’t any of these things you will not date a porn chick.

Sorry to tell you this, but it’s true.

And it gets worse:

If she buys drugs from you, she’ll fuck you over.

If you meet her on the set of Whores Who Squirt #76 and she falls in love with you because you make her laugh every time you wipe some dude’s cum from her cheek, she’ll fuck you over.

If you bring her into the business and stand by her during her amazing climb to superstardom, she’ll fuck you over.

Now just imagine what she’ll do to you.

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