Fayner Posts: This is funny, but not the ha ha funny. Haley tells me one story below in January 2006 about some swful man who basically kidnapped her and abused her back in 2004 in New Zealand. Then, I read on lukeisback that some guy naed Michael Smith (real name?) who claimed to have been with her during that time tell a totally differnet story than hers, alos posted below.

Someone should find this guy and beat his ass for abusing her. That is, if her story was true. I bet it was. I bet he made her feel like a piece of shit. Let’s find this douche and string him up, shall we?

Haley says: “I got a job doing pr for a travel web site. I went to Hawaii for 2 months. Everything was great. Then we went New Zealand [circa 2004]. The guy I was working for, who up until then was a perfect boss, all of a sudden flipped out and stole my passport, credit cards and money and told me I wasn’t allowed to leave his site. My Emails were screened. But we were doing so many fun things that I didn’t really mind for a while.”

“The funny part was that my parents didn’t even care. He’d use how they never emailed me against me: “They don’t even love you!””

“I had become super depressed. Homesick. Crying for 2 months straight. I guess it got to him ‘cause one day he called my father and said “send her a ticket.” That was it. When I got back I didn’t even tell my dad what had happened.”

Michael Smith says: FROM Lukeisback.com: Michael Smith posts December 7, 2006: “I lived with Haley Paige, real name Mariam Haily, for a year while we traveled together around Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia during 2002, and she was my absolute best friend and is a lot more than just a piece of meat…she has a really good and honest heart, sweet and loving perosnally and was very open minded and adventurous. The year I spent with her was one of my best years ever spent. I cared deeply for her, but due to my typical male stupidity I broke her heart and watched her leave Brisbane AU. and disappear out of my life. I have missed her every minute.”

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