Fayner Posts: Unless someone is playing what can only be described as an horrendous act of cruelty, Haley Paige is dead. It’s a total shame, too, because underneath all her years of pain – and a killer rack, too! – lay a wonderful person; sweet, funny, giving to an extent that one might ask why. I really liked her.

I first met Haley when she was working in the office at LA Direct. She said she was fucking Avy Lee Roth and gave me the scoop about how Avy came up with idea to tell people she was the daughter of David Lee Roth. Come to think of it, I think she still is saying it. Is it really true or not? Whatever.

So Haley and I used to flirt when I’d call or stop by the office. One night I asked her out to some porno party as my date. I think we probably snorted some coke (Actually, I’m sure we did), but throughout the night she was the perfect date and remained coherant and sexy. I fondled her chest many times that night, much to her delight. From there I only saw Haley sporatically, but each time I did we’d hang out for a day or two straight doing drugs or whatever and then she’d once again disappear.

In January of 2006 I did the interview I reposted the other day. I knew that beneath all her jokes and smiles was a very sad person. The mexican guy cleaning the dishes at the restaurant we ate at knew it. So did some guy passing by in his car who was changing radio stations. It was so obvious a blind guy could see it. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious.

But it’s not like I’m in any shape to save anyone, especially when they don’t ever ask you for it. That thing they say about people bottling up all their pain and then one day releasing it all, my guess is that’s what happened with Haley. At least with the heroin. A human can only take so much pain before looking to end it.

I hope Haley isn’t remembered as just some porno chick with sweet tits and a killer blow job mouth who died from drugs. Drugs didn’t kill Haley, no matter what they say. Years of abuse did that way before she ever thought about taking drugs. At least that’s what she told me.

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