Fayner Posts: When you’re on vacation in Nantucket for two weeks with two beautiful women and two amazing dogs, it’s sometimes hard to catch up on all your television shows. Actually, come to think of it, since I don’t have sex with either of the two beautiful women I went on vacation with, wouldn’t you think I’d have plenty of time for the good ol’ boob-tube? I guess not.

And although Weeds has been somewhat of a disappointment to me this season, I was anxious to see my friend Kirsten Price’s cameo on last week’s episode. Since I just got back late Friday night, I didn’t get a chance until last night to check out the episode.

What I felt is that the writers had three porno performers to utilize and did with them something so retarded and out of character for this business I’m a bit ashamed of being associated with it for the first time in a very long time.

But it has nothing to do with the actual acting of the sleaze actors; I think they all did a wonderful job with what they were handed. But c’mon, how sexy can Kirsten and Jessica be when a black man with a giant penis is farting uncontrollably? Not so much, right.

And when did guys on a porno set start actually shaking hands? There is an unwritten law in the smut racket which maintains that males MUST bump elbows as a form of greeting when on a porno set. But Lexington shook hands with the dude on the show. Also, talk of penis between men should never come up during conversation at any time ever on a Straight porno set. That happened too.

Doesn’t the old stereotype of a porno dude eating food naked seem a bit old, even for mainstream television? I think so. In towels, still soaked from the scene; sure, that always happens. I think I got that one in my film script. But no one in their right mind would stand next to another guy asking what is on the menu while completely undressed, would they? Or am I just that out of touch these days?

The uncontrollable farting just flat out sucked. The writers of Weeds must have been smoking too many props.

All in all, Kirsten and Jessica are fine actors. Lexington, too. But the skit was poorly written and even poorly researched. I guess that’s what happens when you got a big hit on your hands.

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