Fayner Posts: Spoke to Lisa Marie last night. She said she is going to make Sloppy Joes for all of us tonight. I’ve heard that one before.

“I’ve heard that one before,” I told Lisa Marie.

“No! This time is different! I swear!”

“Listen, slut. The only way it’ll ever happen is if I change my name to Joe and you give me a sloppy blow job!”

“That’ll work!” she screamed. “It’s a lot easier to clean up, too! It just goes right down the throat and into the belly!”

“Shut up!” I screamed. “Here you go getting me all excited to eat Sloppy Joes and then you go off on swallowing cum? I mean, I know it’s my cum and all, and I’m positive I’ll truly enjoy it, but enough with the visuals and all, okay?”

“So, ’round eight o’clock sound okay for you?”

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