Cassidey writes on her myspace:

I have been spending a nice amount of time with my hommies trying to figure out what I am gonna do with my life. Devan has been reading my cards and says I will be meeting a man lol . We both think it is that time again I have been playing the single card for way to long with the occasional booty call that I allow to kick it for more than a hot minute is rare. I dont know I spent some time with a beautiful girl named Jessica who if I may say is so nice and so pretty I am just afraid I am gonna hurt her. As for me I am gonna be slammed which should save me from any drunk late night parties where I drop my phone in the toilet. Not even I want to stick my hand in there to get it so I can sit there and hope it works when u know god damn well its not gonna. So now the wait for another phone I would say by the begining of next month I should be ready to do this I have one boy I have my eye on and one girl who will remain in Vegas which who knows I may move there next month while I have a minute. Oh yes did I fail to mention yes off to vegas I go I think if not there the BEACH. Waiting to see whats happens should know more by the end of this month though. Well hope everyone has a plesent read lol PEACE FOR NOW!!! RIP GRANDMA PEEK WHO PASS SOMETIME THIS MORN.

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