Naked Britney in pool romp

Brazen Britney Spears staged a live sex show as she romped naked in a swimming pool with a hunk.

In yet another crazy night for the out-of-control star, Toxic babe Britney frolicked in nothing but a fedora hat, sunglasses and bangles.

The 25-year-old even simulated sex with wannabe actor Mike Encinias, 26, as pals got out cameras and started snapping the pair, according to sources.

It has also been claimed the Baby One More Time singer was drinking alcohol despite a recent stint in rehab.

And sources say the troubled beauty collapsed and went into “total meltdown” after romping with Encinias until 4am. Mum-of-two Britney met Encinias, who was working as an extra, on the video shoot for her comeback single Get Back.

She reportedly got her assistant Shannon Funk, who she has since fired, to go and ask him and one of his pals if they wanted to “hook up and hang out” at her hotel.

And after her bodyguards cordoned off the pool, Britney stripped naked and jumped in for her romp with the hunk.

A source said: “Britney had gone completely off the rails. She’d lost the plot and was acting crazy.

“Britney got with this guy Mike and things soon got steamy. Before long she had stripped off in the pool and was messing around with this man, putting her arm round him and laughing and joking.

“At one point when the cameras came out Britney was simulating sex with him, putting on a really hot show.
“She was also drinking what appeared to be alcohol. But things turned bad soon after.

“They got out of the pool and Britney went to the bathroom where she had a meltdown.

“She collapsed on the floor and was babbling.”

The worrying scenes took place after the disastrous photoshoot with OK! USA magazine.

Britney racked up a bill of £10,000 after fleeing with designer dresses and jewellery, and leaving behind a collection of damaged garments.

Spokesmen for Britney in both Britain and the States were unavailable for comment last night.

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