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She writes:

So me and Kirsten my wife were sitting on the couch possibly smoking some MJ and we happen to see a comerical or something on some rock show so we googled to see images on him cause I was like I would tap that. When we came across some great images which we then had a great over the size and legnth of those extrodaniry balls. WOW we were not even mad at him those were quite impressive. She suggested it would be a job for 2 one for the cock and the other for that huge sac of his. So now what we are on a mission to handle that shit. We are just thinking even though the piture we saw he was limp we are just throwing this out there but we are pretty sure it gets big when played with. HAHAHHAHAHA We are so fucking dirty which is perfect for gals like us in the industry we are in. So GoD bLeSs those giant BALLS on rock out with ur cock out baby!!!! That is about all we have to say about that and if by chance this offends anyone suck his balls bitchs!!!!! Maybe we will by the album just cause of that lol

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