Fayner Posts: Lots of people jump and hide when they see me coming. It’s okay, I kind of like it when I don’t have to deal with people I don’t really like anyway.

But Nathan AKA Winston Burbank is a different story.

I mean, I’ve showered with him on many occasions. I’ve washed his penis with my bare hands and lots of bubbly soap. I’m starting to blush now.

But beside that, Nathan owes a lot to many people who have supported him over the years. Actually scratch that, forget ‘supported’ him, more like gave him a second chance at life. Back in 2005 Nate was one day away from having all his shit thrown to the curb and being evicted and having to move home to his Mom in Arizona. Why? He had no money and work for him was very sporadic and he couldn’t afford his tiny one bedroom apartment. In stepped a white knight, packed all his shit into his truck and let him move into a house, not an apartment, A HOUSE. Rent? Nate paid rent ‘when he could’. Job? Nate was given a full time job making double what he was use to. These two white knights opened doors for Nate, lots of them, both personally and professionally. Gave him a place to live, fed him, introduced him to peole and got him full time work. How has he repaid them now? With thanks and gratitude? Nope, with nothing at all. Nates turned into an arrogant ungrateful little prick.

And there’s also people like me, for instance. He owes me ’cause I taught him everything he knows about treating a woman like a piece of meat. He owes me bigtime.

But the future male performer of the year Winston Burbank is apparently too cool to even know any of the people who made him who he is today. Who was there when Nate used to clean up semen from the floor? We were. Who opened the door for Nate when he came back with pizza for everyone? We were. Who told him about a toilet overflowing with poop and feminine products? We did.

And now Nate doesn’t even know us.

Well, that’s okay ’cause we know him, knew him when he used to pick up dog poop in the front yard.

Enjoy the pics.


“I also clean toilets!”

“Do you have 40 bottles of lube?”


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