An Email Says: Hey Fayner, good afternoon to ya.

I was checking this weeks updates, and caught a few images of Nevaeh.
After checking out a few of the pics, I went to look at the ones of her back
Okay okay they were the first pics I clicked on, but anyway, what on Earth
happened to that poor girls asshole? It’s unnaturally pinky-orangish in
color, a glowing orange rectum isn’t normal. Is this the result of anal
bleaching? You, sir, need to investigate.

Fayner Posts: Just in case you didn’t know, feces comes out of the asshole. Sometimes even twice a day. It’s gross as hell. Why then (and also remember that I am not gay) would I inspect someone’s poop-chute? And further more, why would I know what it is supposed to look like considering all of my anal exploits have come late night on drugs in some porn chick’s dark studio apartment with the lights turned down very low so that if there was any poop on my dick it would be too dark to tell?

Tell me!

Anyone know why this is why it is? I would investigate but find spending my time looking for answers to an anal question quite painful.

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