Fayner Posts: Okay, so I have this broken tooth way in back and slowly it’s been cracking off piece by piece. Well, I assume a large piece came off on Friday ’cause damn the thing just started hurting real badly. I assumed it about time to go get the thing yanked. I’d do it Monday. I can deal with tooth pain. Shit, my favorite drug happens to once be used for tooth pain: cocaine.

So I got some: but only to rub on the tooth, no snorting though, that would be wrong. Okay, maybe just one…

Long story short, I got to thinking since I’ve pretty much kicked the habit once and for all I need to know just what to expect.

I know that when women come off cocaine or meth they tend to gain a pound or two, mostly in their chest region. That’s how you can tell they’re really clean. Their boobs get bigger.

Will my penis get bigger when I kick the shit for good? Will it? Somebody please tell me that it will.

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