Fayner Posts: TR and I took four of the dogs to the park today in my tiny two seater.

Everything was going smoothly as it usually does. However, every now and then a scuffle breaks out between one of our dogs and some neighborhood bully dog. Smokie, or Jan as we call her due to her being the middle child no one seems to like (as in Jan from the Brady Bunch) got punked bad a month ago by some white pit bull. She’s the Park Bitch.

So the dogs were all playing and some big fluffy white dog came from up the hill and stood watching us from behind a tree. Rhiannon saw her and made her way over to say hello. Then Smokie, too. But neither of them actually approached, sort of kept their distance.

“Go away!” TR yelled. It didn’t. She turned to me. “You know, I fucking hate white dogs. Ever since that white pitbull attacked Smokie. I don’t trust them.”

“Are you saying you’re racist against white dogs?”

“No, I just don’t trust them.”

“You’re blaming a whole population of white dogs for the actions of one?”

“Yeah. So?”

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