Beautiful Brooke HavenDCypher posts: Brooke Haven loves to strip off all of her clothing and wildly dance the night away as if she were high priestess at a drunken bacchanal. Like most porn stars she discovered on her 18th birthday that deep within her blood ran a pagan fire, not entirely unlike the kind that once possessed the famed witches of Salem, to rent her clothing from her stunning body and wind under the pale, luminous rays of a miraculously full moon in an exquisite trance of ecstasy and unquenchable lust.

Just take a moment and let that image settle in…okay…onward!

Lucky are the bastards that live close enough to the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino to make the extraordinary pilgrimage, blessed be the perverts, because this weekend the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino will be hosting the reenactment of that amazing night for a modest fee. Punch and cake will not be served to the first 100 visitors who purchase a lapdance from the chesty siren.

The press release notifying me of this event went as far as to suggest that “striptastic fun” would be had by all that attended and that Brooke Haven would “dominate the stage with her stylistic flair of fun and eroticism,” but I’m not sure I am comfortable downplaying the obvious religious symbolism inherent in her tantric performance with such capricious hyperbole.

If you need more information on the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino please feel free to contact your local medium and ask for their assistance or simply visit Google and type in the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino to see what comes up. I’m not your mommy. Geez. And don’t forget to wipe up that drool before you go out, bro.

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