Hello Scott
It’s been a long time…this is Slain Wayne and I heard the news about Wanker. I can’t seem to feel any remorse for Chico’s situation even though we were friends in the past. I was hurt when Chico used this site as a platform (way back during the HIV crisis) to targeted me over a scandal regarding Naudia Rio and Max Blacc hook up at my house, even though no one caught HIV nor any STD’s. I was so hurt that a (supposed) friend did this, yet I didn’t retaliate with things I knew about him even though Chico bullied and manipulated other people into telling a story that wasn’t true. The funny thing is I remember not so long ago how Chico slammed Martin Del Torro for being a bad husband to Haylie yet here he is doing much worse to her than Martin ever did. Time and time again he has slammed other people in this industry which comes to the REAL question…Who is the bad guy here? I knew this day was coming he has so many skeletons in his closet that I had to cut communications with him because he brings bad karma to this industry. If you wish Chico luck what about the victim Haylie? Has anyone heard from her? Why not give her something to write about? I’d be curious to hear what she has to say about this incident.
Just a thought

Fayner Says: As far as I know, Wanker is innocent until proven guilty.

And I do wish luck to Haylie; at the time I wrote it I didn’t know that the woman involved was her or I would have said something.

Thanks for writing and giving your two cents worth.

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