AN EMAIL: I am dropping you a line on behalf of Rob Rotten. Rob suffered a near fatal motorcycle crash while practicing for his next superbike race in Northern California last week. Rob was air lifted from the race track after his front brake failed going into a high speed turn in Willows, Ca. Rob’s pit crew and friends stated, “It’s never good to see a rider go down at 140+ mph, especially when you know him. We knew it was bad when we didn’t see him get up.” Once at the hospital, the doctors determined that Rob had cervical spine fracture in C2, a pelvic fracture, a torn ACL in his right knee, and a concussion. Rob was released from the hospital later that day, upon his request, and is recovering quickly. Unfortunately, Rob will miss his next superbike race, but is expected to compete again in August at Infineon Raceway. Rotten’s crew chief had this to say,” Rob is one tough motherf-cker. Not many people would get on a superbike again after a crash like that. We have already gotten the bike back together, with a new braking system, and Rob was up here yesterday giving us a hand with some of the finishing touches on the bike. Don’t be surprised if Rotten gets right back into the top 5 of his classes.”

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