Fayner Posts: It seems the Love Twins are now free agents, their Vivid contracts expired and no extention either offered or accepted. Both twins are now with LA Direct Models.

Good for them.

But is it really a good thing for the many male performers who have never worked for Vivid?

Let’s see.

This is what I knw, what information has leaked its way to me since the twins entered the business.

One twin, I’m told, sucks a mean dick. But her pussy isn’t the best smelling thing.

The other twin has an amazing pussy. But she can’t suck a dick worth shit.

I’m not sure which one does what well and who has a better smelling twat. I’ve never even met them. I just know what people tell me, and this is what they say.

Don’t shoot the messenger, shoot the message.

I wish all the male talent luck when accepting jobs with these gals, although its very much like a double-edged sword.

Happy Hunting.

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