Fayner Posts: I won’t even get into the shit Paris said about never doing drugs and being only a social drinker; we all know the truth about those things, right?

What I want to know, what I find completely humorous is how a person can honestly think a mere 23 days of solitude can change their whole life ’cause they meditated and read the bible.

Too funny.

Have you ever seen someone who has been changed for the better? They’re electric, passionate, believable. They don’t look as though they’re reading from a cue card.

Paris did.

It’s hard to believe her when her eyes are still as dead as they’ve always been. She’s been humiliated, sure, her pride sliced and diced and served buffet-style to the whole world…but that’s about it. She’ll be be-boping at some Hollywood club with the same people within the month’s end. The same picture that’s been taken every week for the last few years – the one of her royally fucked up in some VIP booth – will be in next weeks STAR magazine on the cover with the headline IS PARIS BACK TO HER OLD TRICKS AGAIN? splashed across the top.

Fucking dumb bitch. No one bought her “reborn” story. I doubt even she did.

Talentless stupid whore.

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