Just leaving Jerry’s Deli this morning on Topanga and Ventura and in walks Max Hardcore. Max sits down at a booth and orders an Ice Tea, two minutes later some hooker walks in looking like she’s prepared to a) start turning tricks on Sunset, b) get pissed on in a Max scene. The two sat and chatted, sipped tea out of the same glass, looked quite comfy together.

The point? For a guy under Federal Indictment, Max looks pretty calm, cool and collected. 

I waited another minute, to see if perhaps Roxy Jezel would be joining Max as well, she never came.

Best part, walking out of Jerry’s, I see Max’s yellow Corvette with ‘Team Max’ all over it! Someone better explain to Max that the little white boxes that go up and down parking lots are where you are suppose to park your vehicle, Max felt it proper to park his car in the middle of the road. While we’re at it, someone explain to Max that a womans Vagina is made for fucking, it’s not to be used as a toilet.  

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