On a sunday afternoon..

I am relaxing , thinking about making a very potent pot brownie ..I just got over some jet lag ,damn i slept alot..I just came back from Miami , this time i was working for Bang bros , i had a pornoerrific time , it was beautiful and sunny there.. mostly work though..but it was nice to be in a change of environment though..

A week before i went to Miami i was hanging out at a beautiful spot in palm springs partying it up at Cocachella and all the party’s that go along with it..I had tons of fun!! Listening to awesome music live , wasted off my ass with my awesome friends in the lovely polo fields. I saw tons of great bands the ones that stayed in my mind were SpankRock (they made me shack my ass for days!), !!! (Chick,chick,chick) , Bjork , Rapture , Justice, LCD soundsystem , Bus driver, Bassnectar , Willie Nelson , Peter , Bjorn and John , Rage against the machine , Peaches ,Toyko police club, Hot Chip, and a ton more ..It was truely amazing to be around so much music in a such a wonderful place for so long..i love Coachella i been going for the last 8 yrs. and i will probably be there next year..Before Coachella i was in New York vacationing with one of my bestest friends..We had a fuckin blast !!! We partied it up foresure..We went to max fish a coulpe of times ..I really like that bar..I ate fuckin great food in great resturants..did mostly window shopping because the last thing i need is more clothes..but looking at their sick ass styles there was truley orgasmic..They have the sickest shoes there!!! And i mean tennis shoes , like the reeboks and fila’s and nike’s , so on and so on .Their to die for.

My friend showed us around the Marc Echo office (they own echo, zoo york, triple five soul , g-unit ect.) the office was soooooooooooo nice inside..It was 6 floors..There was show rooms, a full bar like one you would see at a casino , basketball court , some of the coolest memorabilla i have ever seen for example the actual lightsaber from star wars!! Now thats fuckin cool!! , i saw all the awesome zoo york decks ,that always makes me happy..New york was a really great vacation!



And now im at home chillin, i must say life is good!!

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