1."Kendra, what is your favorite perfume? "

It’s made by Kai. Its body oil Gardenia scented. It’s hot sex on a platter.

2."When do we get to see wedding pics!!!!?? "

We made a decision not to post our wedding pics..As much as we’d like to share our special day with all of our friends, Honestly , that day meant so much to us both ……we married because we love each other deeply and it was a very private , very sacred thing.We’re simply not ready or willing to release our intimate photos for public consumption .

3."Of all the people that have been in your life who has made the most impact and why? "

God ..because when I entered a relationship with him ,I found myself…and then he led me to the most amazing group of people I have ever known , including my husband. But without God , my life would be without purpose.

4."What is the most times you have had sex in a 24 hour period? "

Does anybody really care about the answer to this question? I’m only answering it because I promised to answer any and all questions honestly…Let’s just say that marriage is an aphrodisiac…

5."How tall are you and Lukas? "

Combined? close to 11 feet tall ! 😉


A big smile on my face ..

7."did you ever sleep with anyone from the howard stern show..and who"

That’s two questions…

8."Is it true that the cds will only be available at the shows? If you live out of the country, is there anyway online to buy it? Can’t wait for the tour to begin, and I know you, Luke and the fans will have a blast "

Lukas loves his fans more than life..so he is very actively sorting out several different options that will make his cd’s available to fans everywhere..but as of now they are available only at shows and in limited numbers…Also , he has a website that is currently under construction which i am sure will be full of exclusives for the fans. P.s.- We cant wait for the tour either!!

9."Q: whats it like being married to lukas? "

It’s the best feeling I have ever known to love and be loved so completely. I feel like I’m living a dream every day of my life when I wake up and see the man of my dreams by my side…We have certainly had our trials and tribulations , but at the end of the day , I know we are truly blessed to have found eachother.

10."What is the best quality about urself??"

I think it’s my strength. I have endured more in this lifetime than most , yet I still have the ability to love , to be compassionate and sincere.. I try to use that strength and knowledge to help others – people that I do know and the people that I dont know.

11."What is your most favorite thing to do? ‘

Spend quality time with those that I love – my husband, family , friends and pups.

12."Now that you’re married, do you feel any different? More mature, older, accomplished, etc. "

Actually , no. I feel exactly the same as I did before..I think maybe it hasnt quite hit me yet ..although every once in a while , it kind of shocks me that I am someone’s wife..and that’s a beautiful thing.

13."What’s your favorite thing about life right now???"

That we are going to get to travel around the country in just a few weeks ! I’m so excited!!

14."How’s married life???Where did you get married if you don’t mind me asking??I hope somewhere beautiful…..Are you going to post any pictures? Are kids in the future??little lukas and kendra’s would be so beautiful…..finally is peanut going to be on tour??Wow that’s a few questions for ya…..Huh… "

whoa. I gotta breathe. Thats a long one lol. We got married in Las Vegas.We are definitely gonna have children one day but I think we’re gonna try to enjoy some time to ourselves first !

15."Ummm… This is not so much a question. But, the tour schedule currently up on Luke’s MySpace has gotten a bit dated since there have been some venue corrections (like "Skybar–The Guvernment" on June 30th rather than "This Is London"), city corrections (Ontario rather than NY on July 1st) and date changes (such as The Maplewood, MN show, changing to June 22 at The Rock, instead of the 24th–which probably means that the Quad Cities, Iowa, date will change, too, since it was listed as June 22nd) in the past few days. Just a ‘heads up’ on that. I know y’all have been veerrrrrry busy. 🙂 And, everything’s still in flux as the dates and venues are being finalized. The Posse n’ peeps are trying to keep everything straight for folks, working in conjuntion with y’all and Luke’s publicist. "

This is one of the many reasons the Posse and ‘tiks ROCK> y’all know stuff before WE do. Thanks for the corrections !! People please take note !! 🙂

16."how many times have you been in love? "

I would never be in a relationship with someone I wasn’t in love with. So pretty much in each relationship , just on different levels.

17."When exactly did you know that Lukas would be your one and only ? ( if it’s not too personal, I mean )…. or…. did it happen slowly??"

The day I met him .

18."My question: Your voice is so pretty. I would hope you would be making more albums of your own, and would you do some songs with Lukas, too?? Please! It would be such fun to hear you sing together! "

I never say never..but probably not.We try to keep career seperate from our relationship as much as we can.

19."Did you get married so lukas could stay in the country?"

No…we got married for the same reason most people do…because we love eachother.


aww wfuck it it. the hubby is hungry is dinner is ready. sorry y’all you only get 19 tonight….

ps. luke says hi

and also

ps. i do love God but that doesnt mean it will stop me from telling some ignorant idiot to F O , especially when they call into question my right to be married , be in love , or bear children.Like me or leave me. that’s how i roll.

i still dont tolerate the bullshit….luke says ditto.

on with your happy day…night..


love you all , even the meanies.

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