At what point do you stop giving your friend of 17 years the benefit of doubt and realize you are getting fucked?I have a distribution deal with Platinum Blue or rather with Skye Blue my friend of 17 years.

It is a simple deal I provide the movie, edited, they do the box and distribute it, we split the money 50/50. It says in the contract that she pays all of the distribution costs.

Simple enough, except last fall she started charging handling fees and got abusive when I questioned them. Then when I went to prison she upped the handling fees and started charging a ‘fuck you’ fee on top. She has invented so many fees they are now actually charging me to give them movies.

My friend of 17 years.

I had my lawyer call her lawyer. “Where in the contract does it say she can charge these fees?” He asked



“I’ll get back to you” said her lawyer, he didn’t. I can only assume on her instructions because lawyers don’t pull that shit.So far she is fucking me for over $13,000

My friend of 17 years

Skye I have written you and called you, you keep ignoring me, I will not go away, I want my money. Have your lawyer call mine and work out a deal before this gets really, really ugly.




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