We at Lukeford have known Wankus for the better part of 5 years, watching and listening to Ksex from its’ beginning. Wankus has ALWAYS been the consummate professional, mixed in with some slapstick.

Wankus is a talented, intelligent and energetic person who can and will be successful in anything he ever does. Actually, we’d love to have him HERE at Lukeford!!

The new bozo owner over at Ksex fucked up bad, you don’t fire the founder of a company. You don’t fire someone that started your company from scratch, from concept to creation. Just because you have deep pockets does not mean you have the ability to effectively run a company that you know nothing about. Wankus WAS/IS Ksex, this new guy is simply a dope with deep pockets.

That’s the problem with porn today, these deep pocket, horny guys read stories about how the porn business makes billions and gets company owners laid. So they take their money and Ive League educations and come in and sweet talk someone INSIDE the insustry to ‘partner’ with them. Then after a little time of ‘learning’ the ropes, these pocket guys are professionals and don’t think they need the expertise of the FOUNDER. Great move dope!

Wankus, you are a true innovator and a great person. Your other half, Tyler Faith, will always be a sweetheart in our eyes. Anything you two ever do, collectively or on your own, will always be successful because of your abilities and intellect. Getting fucked over by a partner does not count against you.


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